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Harvesting free power from the sun is an ideal method to eliminate the high cost of pumping whether using a generator or power from the grid. With a correctly optimised system you can use the power from the sun to fill a storage tank or irrigate with constant pressure. A water storage tank becomes an economical alternative to storing power in batteries, where gravity is the energy source at night.

The Zener ECODRIVE® solution is a Solar Variable Speed Drive with a built-in Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller to achieve the maximum power from the Solar Array under all conditions. The ECODRIVE® also includes Zenerís sophisticated motor control algorithm designed to achieve maximum motor energy efficiency. The ECODRIVE® is versatile, offering enormous flexibility for system integrators or OEMs with its internal logic functions, programmable I/O and ability to communicate with other equipment. The ECODRIVE® can operate standalone Solar or as a hybrid (or blended system) using an auxiliary supply. The auxiliary supply may be single phase (240V 0r 480V SWER) or 3 phase from a generator or mains grid.


  • Save on Energy Costs
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Save the Environment using a natural resource
  • Flexible & scalable system with dual supply option
  • Confidence in dealing with a reputable Australian company with local engineering support & service


  • Robust powder coated IP66 steel enclosures or stainless steel enclosure for the more demanding environment
  • 50įC temperature rating available
  • Built-in MPPT, Maximum power point tracking to ensure you get the most output power and pumping capacity possible
  • Automatic operation without additional controls or PLC
  • Constant flow or variable flow/pressure control
  • Substantially reduce inrush currents & energy requirements
  • Soft start & soft stop to eliminate water hammer
  • Comprehensive & customised pump system protection
  • Application Menus for simple setup
  • Remote monitoring capability