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Electronic shear pin

Total process protection with electronic torque overload protection

The unique electronic circuitry within the Zener ESP system monitors certain characteristics of the motor/gearbox to closely approximate the output torque of the drive system. Should the output torque of the motor/gearbox exceed the desirable preselected limit, for a pre-selected time, the ESP system will automatically disconnect the motor from it’s electrical supply, ensuring complete protection for the entire process.

Suitable for single phase and 3-phase motors

The ESP is designed for single phase or three phase motors of any size.

More accurate maximum torque protection 

  • Adjustable ‘Overload Trip Point’ can be accurately set to any desired level from 0-150% of motor/gearbox full load torque, ensuring reliable process protect ion every time. 
  • Does not rely on the total motor current only. The ESP’s superior electronics accurately monitor a selection of motor/gearbox characteristics to determine the torque output of the drive system. 
  • The Zener ESP incorporates an adjustable ‘Motor Start Time’ to enable the motor/gearbox to reach full running speed without nuisance tripping. 
  • An adjustable ‘Trip Time Delay’ is provided to eliminate nuisance tripping during momentary overloads when automatic shutdown is not required.

Easier to install 

  • The ESP’s simple wiring requirements makes the Zener ESP system easy to install in new or existing equipment. 
  • An internal test signal is provided for easy and quick calibration of the ESP ‘Overload Trip Point’, ‘Motor Start Time’ and ‘Trip Time Delay’ periods and subsequent testing of System operation. 
  • The ESP can be supplied on a baseplate complete with C.T.

No maintenance requirements 

  • The Zener ESP eliminates lengthy and costly mechanical repairs or process downtime due to overload/ over torque damage. 
  • The ESP’s highly reliable electronic componentry requires no regular maintenance schedule or down time for inspection.

Convenient, efficient and safe 

  • The Zener ESP can be instantly reset at the push of a button, no process downtime for mechanical repairs. 
  • The ESP can be adjusted at any time without stopping the machine. 
  • Operation safety is assured when resetting the ESP after an automatic shut-down as the motor requires re-starting from its independent control system. 
  • The ESP’s operation can be tested at any time whilst the motor is operating or stationary.
  • LEDs provide indication of internal functions and to assist with the calibration of operating parameters.