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why a smartstart 6000 soft starter?

Provide a soft mechanical and electrical soft start to a 3 phase electric motor. The Zener soft starter provides a superior soft start and soft stop with the choice of votlage ramp or a torque control ramp. The Smartstart 6000 includes SMART-TORQ®, a unique 'Torque Control System' developed by Zener to achieve linear rate of acceleration in motor speed.

Superior torque control

The SmartStart® 6000 combines a superior Torque Control System with a robust design to suit all types of loads and applications. A substantial heatsink mass with temperature controlled force ventilation is a standard feature to accommodate the more severe (heavy) duty applications and higher starts per hour.

Benefits of the SmartStart 6000 soft starter

  • Linear acceleration of the motor and load
  • Reduced mechanical stress on the motor shaft, load and drive train
  • Ramp profiling to better match the type of load
  • Reduce or limit motor starting currents
  • Eliminate voltage dips on supply during motor starting
  • Reduce maintenance costs with reduced stress on gears, belts and chains
  • Eliminate belt squeal during starting fans
  • Provide better control of pump motors to eliminate water hammer related problems
  • Increased motor efficiency during acceleration and deceleration
  • No instability issues due to changing power factor
  • No tachometers or external speed feedback devices required
  • Comply with local supply authority requirements regarding the starting of an electric motor
  • Avoid high starting currents and current peaks which often make it necessary to increase supply capacity
  • Greater protection for the motor, load and soft starter