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Sydney Cuts Energy Costs

Electricity use in Sydney has dropped significantly thanks to the installation of variable speed drives across the city's buildings. Figures, as reported by revealed savings of as much as 50% from power and water efficiency retrofits.

Not only does reducing our environmental footprint make good business sense, but the savings that could be made speak volumes. By taking simple measures Sydney is set to reduce it's carbon footprint, and cut it's electricity use by 6.4 million kilowatt hours a year – or around $880,000.

Your business could reduce it's own energy and water consumption through simple changes involving the building's engineering. Water flow controls, or water recycling; movement or lighting sensors; or optimising your airconditioning systems through use of variable speed drives are all options.

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3 phase soft starter

Soft Starter for Three Phase Motor

If you are in the market for a robust 3 phase motor soft starter with superior torque control and the ability to cope with some seriously heavy duty applications then you need to take a look at the SmartStart® 6000 3 phase soft starter from Zener.

The SmartStart® 6000 has been developed locally by our engineers to cope with the hashest of Australian conditions and a high number of starts per hour. These three phase soft starters come with a fairly substantial heatsink as standard along with a temperature controlled force ventilation feature. These soft starters are fully compliant with all relevant Australian standards and can be utilised for a whole range of uses.

Why take the risk? For your next three phase application use the SmartStart® 6000.

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1000V variable speed drive applications

1100v VSD & Soft Starter - suitable for 950v 1000v 1100v & 1140v

Variable speed drives (VSD) and soft starters have a whole range of potential uses within a variety of industries. An area where we have found there to be a lot of use of 1000V VSD or soft starter is in the mining sector.

The typical 1000V VSD application is to control the speed of a ventilation fan in some section of an underground mine or a constant pressure water pumping system or a de-watering pump (ie remove waste water from a mine). The last two could be underground or above ground.

A question that we commonly get asked by new customers is;

I see that you have 1100V variable speed drives. Are these suitable for a 1000V mine ventilation fan application?

The short answer to this is Yes. Our Zener MSC-3V series of variable speed drives is advertised as 1100V, however the detailed specification covers all of the common international voltages around 1000V, so the same equipment is fine for 950V, 1000V, 1050V, 1100V and 1140V systems.

So if you are looking for a variable speed drive for a mining based application why not check out our Zener MSC-3V and give us a call to discuss how we can help.

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What are Soft Starters

A motor soft starter is used to reduce the load and electrical current surge during startup. This in turn reduces the stress on the motor both mechanically and electrodynamically, helping to extend the lifespan of any device that it is fitted to.

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Variable speed drives cut energy costs

Zener variable speed drive enables a reduction in speed when operating at full power. Energy costs and carbon footprint can be reduced.

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