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3 phase soft starter

Soft Starter for Three Phase Motor

If you are in the market for a robust 3 phase motor soft starter with superior torque control and the ability to cope with some seriously heavy duty applications then you need to take a look at the SmartStart® 6000 3 phase soft starter from Zener.

The SmartStart® 6000 has been developed locally by our engineers to cope with the hashest of Australian conditions and a high number of starts per hour. These three phase soft starters come with a fairly substantial heatsink as standard along with a temperature controlled force ventilation feature. These soft starters are fully compliant with all relevant Australian standards and can be utilised for a whole range of uses.

Why take the risk? For your next three phase application use the SmartStart® 6000.

Date posted: 2013-07-11 | posted by: zenervd

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